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Wrigley Field Construction Update: April 4

The ballpark looks gorgeous.

BCB's David Sameshima had some time late Monday to stop by Wrigley Field and take some photos of the now-revealed front of the ballpark.

I have to say, this is outstanding work and the park looks fantastic. The terra cotta above the main entrance is a perfect evocation of the look of the ballpark in the 1930s. You can see that original look in this photo of the front of Wrigley taken during the 1935 World Series.

Back then, the little "booths" with windows that are shown in some of the photos in this set were actual ticket booths. That won't be the case now, as the actual ticket windows have been moved somewhat further north. But it's a nice touch to restore the look.

You'll also see in that 1935 photo that the exposed metal latticework that you now see at Wrigley (best look in photos 8, 11, 12 and 13) wasn't there by 1935. It's my understanding that this did look that way on the original ballpark, part of the restoration. You can also see all the wrought iron that was originally on both sides of Wrigley. That look has been restored on the west side of the park this year; it will be on the south (Addison Street) side next year.

I have heard that the marquee might be reinstalled today. If so I hope we'll have photos here tomorrow.