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Wrigley Field Construction Update: April 6

More photos of the marquee reinstallation.

As I was traveling all day Thursday, I didn't have time to post these late-afternoon and early-evening photos from BCB's David Sameshima, who visited Wrigley Field after work Wednesday as workers were completing the marquee installation.

Here are a few of his comments, including an amusing incident regarding a pizza delivery.

A car pulled up right in front of the ballpark and parked in front of the work gate. The driver was making a pizza delivery to the workers installing the marquee. The driver had to wait for one of the employees to come down to the fence, on a "cherry picker." A friend who was there for most of the afternoon had seen a similar food delivery being made earlier.There is still quite a bit of utility work taking place all around the neighborhood. I am sure that this will all be done before the season starts, but it will be quite a mess in the neighborhood. A lot of quickly patched streets, and sidewalks. Some of the area streets and sidewalks will be in pretty rough shape.Just after I left my friend, who stayed around, texted me that a tractor trailer truck was making a turn at Clark and Addison. The truck ended up hitting the CBS2 News truck that was parked at the northwest corner of the intersection, while trying to make the turn.

I made my own visit to the ballpark Friday, seeing it for the first time in a few months. I'll have a photoset later this afternoon.