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Wrigley Field Construction Update: April 8, Part 2

Here are some photos from later Friday.

BCB's David Sameshima followed up on my visit to Wrigley Field Friday morning with one of his own, between 6 and 7 p.m. In addition to the LED board on the marquee now functioning (photo 8), David was able to catch some testing of the left-field video board (photo 46). He also sent me the following comments.

As you imagine, it is a little confusing around the ballpark as they work on opening up various areas. For instance, the barricades on east end of the Addison Street sidewalk outside of Wrigley have been removed. This is to allow workers access. The west end of the block is still closed off. Pedestrians would start walking west, only to end up at the fence, at the other end of the block.The security structures erected outside of Gates D and F are bolted into the sidewalk, and were getting wired for electricity. From all appearances, it appears that the east side of Clark Street will be opened up to pedestrian traffic. They have moved the construction fences back to the Clark Street curb, but left the concrete traffic barricades in the middle of Clark Street. They have also put up a protective pedestrian catwalk in front of the plaza building, along Clark Street. They have even wired up lights under the catwalk. They have also placed concrete barricades along the curb, in front of Moran's and Bernie's. Because of this catwalk, Clark Street is even narrower than the stretch alongside the plaza.There are more player names installed in the sidewalk, outside of the bleacher gate. It looks like the days of sitting on the blocks along the sides of the center field bleachers are over. I saw planter boxes installed up there.Waveland Avenue is now significantly narrower outside of the broadcast lot. There is no curb, but you can see the outline of what is supposed to be the sidewalk, and what is supposed to be the street. There is now an open lot, between Waveland Avenue and the players' parking tent. The tent is now further north, in the former Blue Lot.

I am fascinated by the shots David got into the bleachers, that I either missed or that perhaps weren't installed at the time I was there, in particular photos 66 and 67 showing old-fashioned signage in the bleachers. The Cubs have done an excellent job in beginning the restoration of the 1930s "golden age" look of Wrigley Field.

We should have more photos here tomorrow or early Monday.