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Chicago Cubs Wednesday Afternoon Notes

A few things to discuss while we wait for tonight's game.

Jon Durr/Getty Images

I posted one of these last month, on another slow afternoon, and it was pretty well-received.

So, here are a few afternoon Cubs notes and topics for discussion.

  • The Cubs are 22-4 in their last 26 regular-season road games dating back to the second game of a doubleheader September 15, 2015 in Pittsburgh.
  • The Cubs' 27-10 start is the best of any big-league team since the 2005 White Sox, also 27-10. (Before you complain about mentioning the White Sox, remember what that team did that year.)
  • In 23 games since April 20, Anthony Rizzo is hitting .322/.434/.701 with nine doubles, eight home runs and 23 RBI.
  • Cubs starting pitchers have pitched through the fifth inning in the last 45 regular-season games dating back to September 27, 2015, the longest such streak since 1910. (H/T: Ed Hartig)
  • Since July 29, 2015, the Cubs are 72-28 in regular-season games, by far the best in baseball over that span (next best: Rangers, 63-40).
  • Walk watch: 183 walks in 37 games, or 4.95 per game. Pace for a full season: 801, which would break both the team record (650) and N.L. record (732).
  • The Cubs' run differential of +107 is greater than the sum of the next two teams combined: Red Sox (+55) and Cardinals (+47).
  • Cubs record when leading entering the sixth inning: 20-3. Entering the seventh: 24-2. Entering the eighth: 24-1. Entering the ninth: 26-0.

That should give you some good starting points for discussion this afternoon. As usual, the game preview will post at 5 p.m. CT.