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The SCOREboard: The Over-Sponsored Cubs Postgame Show

The Score struggles to get postgame content in among all the ads.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Last week I broke down the sponsor-laden Cubs pregame show on the Score, hosted by Mark Grote. To bookend this, I monitored Sunday's post-game show following the Cubs' 4-3, 10 inning loss to the Braves, also hosted by Grote.

The post-game show started at 4:35 p.m. CT and ended at 5:15, so it ran for approximately 40 minutes. Not surprisingly, like the pregame show, it is also jam-packed with sponsored segments. I counted 13 during the 40-minute running time, which, per minute, is just a fraction less than the 10 sponsor shots during the 30-minute pregame show. That sponsor-every-€”three-minutes routine wears me out in a hurry. Here's the rundown:

  • Joe Maddon's post-game presser sponsored by Champion Roofing
  • This portion of the post-game sponsored by Connell's Auto Parts
  • Farm Report sponsored by Xfinity
  • Grossinger Grab of the Game
  • Highlights sponsored by Insure on the Spot
  • Pepsi Pop of the game
  • Drive of the game sponsored by...
  • Next game preview sponsored by...
  • Great Play of the Game sponsored by Great Clips
  • Majestic Star of the Game
  • Inside the Numbers sponsored by...
  • Who's on Fire sponsored by...
  • On the move sponsored by...

In addition to all those, here were also several sweepstakes and promotions. You would be correct in assuming I'm not too thrilled with all these sponsorships, and it makes the pre and post-game shows a tough listen. I do understand the need for advertising and sponsorships on these broadcasts -- obviously the Score, as part of CBS Radio, is in business to make money. But all of this doesn't leave much room for editorial segments. On Sunday, we got:

  • A very brief snippet of Maddon's post-game presser
  • A farm report (and not much, since most of Sunday's games were rained out)
  • Highlights of the game
  • Starting pitcher John Lackey's post-game presser

That was about it. Although Grote solicited calls early on in the show, he did not take any (it's possible he might not have received any). At 5:10, Grote told listeners he had to bolt to catch the plane to Pittsburgh. David Schuster took over the show, for just one final segment lasting less than five minutes. I was curious to judge the quality of callers, but that assessment will have to wait.

Overall, I have to say I am not impressed with the extended Cubs post-game effort that I heard. The only real reason to bother for me is to hear Pat Hughes' calls on the highlights, and there were not many on this day. I will not be going out of my way to listen to it much in the future, unless it is a significant game or the post-season. The constant selling of sponsored segments is just too much of a turn-off, so I will tune out except to report from time to time for this column.