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Cubs, Brewers April 27 Rainout Rescheduled As A Split Doubleheader

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Many people around baseball don't like these, but the Cubs will now have one in August.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

There has been no official word from the Cubs on this yet, but the official Brewers Twitter account sent out this information on the rescheduling of last Wednesday's rainout:

It appears that the players would rather keep their off day Monday, August 15 than play on that day. Instead, they'll all have at least a 14-hour day on Tuesday, August 16.

We've had this discussion here before, so I'm going to put it to you. When I worked in TV, I often had the chance to work overtime, either on my day off or to work a double shift. The pay was the same for either one (as it is in the case of the ballplayers, who get paid the same whether they make this up on an off day or as a split DH).

Personally, if I had the choice between the two, I'd take "working on my day off" over "double shift" any time. But perhaps you feel differently. Vote in the poll.