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Wrigley Field Construction Update: May 2

Here's a few of the things still going on construction-wise at the ballpark during the season.

With the bleachers pretty much complete, there's no activity going on in that area of Wrigley Field during this season.

I decided to stop by Wrigley Field Monday afternoon to check out some of the other activity, mostly centered around the plaza area. Naturally, after one of the most miserable weather weeks I can remember for late April in Chicago, Monday was beautiful, sunny and pleasant.

Most of the work on Monday was adding some railings to the new west entrance to Wrigley (photos 6, 7 and 8) and work on the terra cotta facings on the west side of the ballpark. Photo 4 shows a worker attaching some of the terra cotta, photo 5 shows a worker custom-cutting one of the pieces to fit.

Photo 10 shows more of the wrought-iron style work in place on the west side of the park, and there's a look into the ground floor of the plaza building in photos 12 and 13. Photo 14 shows a TV truck hooked up to the broadcast center building on Waveland, and in photo 15, you can see them blasting some of the layers of paint off the groundskeeper's cottage.

And if you had been wondering if they have resumed tours at Wrigley Field, photo 2 shows you that they have, though no one was really around when I was there (just before 1 p.m.), just the table set up.

I'll try to get construction updates posted once a week or so during the season.