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Cubs Roster Moves: Spencer Patton Recalled, Neil Ramirez To Bereavement List

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The Cubs will have a change in their bullpen as of today.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Cubs have gone with the same 13 pitchers since Opening Day, a month ago.

That will change tonight:

No word on why Ramirez will be away, but the bereavement list allows a player to leave the club for a minimum of three and maximum of seven games.

Patton, who was acquired from the Rangers last November for minor leaguer Frandy de la Rosa, has been pitching lights-out at Triple-A Iowa: 10 innings in 10 games, no runs allowed, just five hits and four walks allowed and 17 strikeouts. Put another way, he's faced 40 batters and struck out almost half of them.

Patton pitched for the Cubs in spring training this year and didn't give up any runs then either, in nine appearances covering eight innings. He struck out 12.

Patton, a righthander, will wear uniform No. 40.