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Ben Zobrist Named National League Co-Player Of The Week

... along with a certain New York Mets pitcher

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

The honors just keep coming in for the Cubs, the hottest team in baseball.

Ben Zobrist was named National League Co-Player of the Week for last week, sharing the honor with Mets righthander Bartolo Colon.

Zobrist hit .360/.455/.880 last week. He was 9-for-25 with 15 RBI on the week and had at least one RBI in six consecutive games, while hitting four home runs. His 11 RBI in the three games from May 4-6 made him the first Cubs player to have that many in that short a span since Sammy Sosa in 2002.

It's Zobrist's first Player of the Week award as a Cub; previously, he won twice as a member of the Tampa Bay Rays, once in 2008, once in 2011.

Bartolo Colon, sharing this award with Zobrist, posted a 1.72 ERA in two starts this past week and also did this:

That's a great home-run call.

Congratulations to Zobrist and Colon on their awards.