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Cub Tracks Is Thrifty, Brave, And Clean

If a trifle irreverent. Cubs news of merit and demerit for your Tuesday.

I felt that way too.
I felt that way too.
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We still have THE BEST TEAM IN BASEBALL. One loss does not a season make.

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They took my thumbs, Charlie.

  • ESPN: 2016 Week 10 Power Rankings. The Chicago Cubs remain the unanimous No. 1 team for the 10th straight week, with no signs of slowing down. So we are Locomotive Breath. Embrace the shuffling madness!
  • Chris Sosa (Chicago Tribune): Cubs catcher David Ross found a new use for a rotary phone-All-Star voting. Ross stars in a new video to encourage fans to vote for the MLB All-Star Game.
  • Kelly Crull (CSN Chicago): On the road with David Ross [VIDEO]
  • Jesse Rogers (ESPN): Kris Bryant and Albert Almora, Jr., visit the White House. [VIDEO]
  • MLB.TV: Jason Heyward and Dexter Fowler join Intentional Talk. [VIDEO]

Walnuts in the closet.

  • Jayson Stark (ESPN): Cubs young and old powering Chicago's historic success. "I think, for me, it's the baseball IQ of these guys that stands out," says Jon Lester, who arrived in Chicago a year ago expecting good things -- but not this.
  • David Haugh (Chicago Tribune): As Cubs show swagger, Joe Maddon keeps it real. Random thoughts.
  • Evan Altman (Cubs Insider): Anthony Rizzo and Jason Heyward are getting hot at the right time. "Running away and hiding from the division isn’t enough."

On my honor.

  • Fran Spielman (Chicago Sun-Times): Emanuel advises Cubs to 'take yes for an answer' on Wrigley Plaza. The real answer is probably unprintable.
  • Ariel Chung (DNAinfo): City claims deal struck on Wrigley Field Plaza, Cubs insist 'unaware.' Yes, this is still going on. It's likely to for a while still.

Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful.

Physically strong, mentally awake.

  • Adam Greene (KnoxNews): Victor Caratini is catching up as prospect for the Cubs. It's only his second year of full-time catching, but he's performing above expectations.
  • Jared Wyllys (Wrigleyville-Baseball Prospectus): (Briefly) profiling the Cubs' first three picks. Tom Hatch, Tyson Miller, and Bailey Clark are featured.
  • Todd Johnson (Cubs Central): 10 things I think: The draft edition. Give it a 'C'.

Lead the adventure.

  • Gordon Wittenmyer (Chicago Sun-Times): Cubs on the prowl for a quick strike in summer pitching market. Unattributed source says something; instant column.
  • Jim Bowden (ESPN-Insider [$]): Trade deadline: Who are the buyers and sellers?
  • Joe Giglio ( Jorge Soler to Yankees possible, report says.
  • Brett Taylor (Bleacher Nation): Cubs reportedly scouting top Yankees relievers Andrew Miller, Aroldis Chapman, Dellin Betances. Scouting. Not talking names, not making offers, scouting.

Food for thought:

  • Jeremy Cherfas (NPR): A map of where your food originated may surprise you. Global interdependence ftw.
  • Joe Pinsker (The Atlantic): Is there room for sports to get even more commercialized? "If you put it on the uniform, the only thing left is the skin."
  • Science Daily: How scientists inverted the 'Cheerios effect'. The phenomenon of the famous breakfast cereal clumping together when floating in a milk bowl is known as the 'Cheerios effect'.The idea can be extended and even inverted, and has importance, however slight it may seem.

Ok, so morally straight is right out the window sometimes. Still, it's a boy's life lived by grown men. There's another game today.