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The Cubs Game And A Gig Tour!

BCB's Danny Rockett is heading out on the road to play music and watch some Cubs baseball!

It's that time of year again! Time to pack up the guitar, keyboard, and my Cubs shirts and head out on the road for the 3rd year of the Cubs Game and a Gig Tour. This time around, my fearless baseball band, Bad Teenage Moustache, is heading east for six games, seven gigs, and a couple of Cubs fan meet-ups.

Over the next few weeks, we will tour from Chicago, to Columbus, to Cincy, to New York City, to Cleveland, and to Pittsburgh singing funny songs about the Cubs and some of my other comedically tinged ditties. We'll be watching baseball all the way, and glamorously sleeping on floors in friends apartments. It'll be an exhausting blast!

If you don't already, follow me on Twitter: @SonRanto, where I will be incessantly tweeting the mayhem.

If you actually live near where we are going, please come to a game, a gig, or a meet-up! It's always better to watch watch the Cubs or play a show with Cubs fans in the audience... I'd love to hang out!

Here's Bad Teenage Moustache's touring schedule.

Friday, June 17: Gallery Cabaret -- Free -- 10 p.m. Chicago, IL

Sunday, June 26: Bossy Grrl's Pinup Joint, 8 p.m., Columbus, OH

June 27-28-29: Cubs vs. Reds, Cincinnati, OH

Wednesday, June 29: Southgate House Revival, 7 p.m. Cincinnati, OH

July 1-2: Cubs vs Mets, New York City, NY

Sunday, July 3: Otto's Shrunken Head, 9 p.m., NYC

Monday, July 4: Cubs fan meet-up at Kelly's Sports Bar

Tuesday, July 5: The Bodega, 8 p.m., Brooklyn, NY

Thursday, July 7: Wilberts, 9 p.m., Cleveland, OH

Friday, July 8: Hambones, 8 p.m., Pittsburgh, PA

Saturday, July 9: Cubs vs Pirates End of Tour Tailgate Party!

I might have a couple extra tickets for Monday, June 27 in Cincinnati and Sunday, July 9 in Pittsburgh. Email me if you want to sit with our crazy troop.

If you can't come to anything, well then, order the T-shirt below to give us some gas money and say you did! And the Cubs music always lives online for everyone on our Bandcamp page as well.

Hope to see you within the next few chaotically musical weeks!

BTM Shirt