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A New View Of Wrigley Field From The Sky

Here's a new view of the ballpark and the ongoing construction

Curtis Waltz/Aerialscapes

Recently, I came across a Twitter account called WrigleyAerials, run by a pilot and photographer named Curtis Waltz.

Waltz takes aerial photos for a living and has also flown near Wrigley and taken some beautiful aerials of the ballpark. The photo at the top of this post was taken Wednesday, June 8. It not only shows the ballpark, but the progress of work on the plaza and the Cubs' new office building there. In this shot you can also see the difference between the new bleachers, built before the 2015 season, and some of the older bleacher areas that still will require some work to seal the concrete.

Over time, Curt's going to take more photos of the park and the ongoing construction project, which I'll post here. Please check out his other photos at his site Aerialscapes.

Next week, after the current homestand ends, I'll head over to Wrigley Field to take some ground-level photos of the construction project.