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Former Cubs Pitcher Ruben Quevedo Dies At 37

Way too young.

Ruben Quevedo, on the mound for the Cubs on April 14, 2000
Ruben Quevedo, on the mound for the Cubs on April 14, 2000
Jonathan Daniel/Allsport

At the July 31, 1999 trading deadline, the Cubs began dismantling the team they had hoped would repeat as a playoff club, after it collapsed beginning in early June.

One of the deals they made sent Terry Mulholland and Jose Hernandez to the Braves for three pitching prospects: Ruben Quevedo, Micah Bowie and Joey Nation. (None of them turned out to be very good, though Bowie had a couple halfway-decent years as a situational lefty for the A's and Nats.)

Quevedo made the Cubs' Opening Day roster in 2000 at age 21, threw out of the bullpen, and later that year made 15 starts for the team, and honestly, wasn't good. He posted a 7.47 ERA, spent much of 2001 at Triple-A Iowa, and at the deadline in 2001 was traded to the Brewers for David Weathers.

You might not remember much of that as it's not much more than a blip in Cubs history, but please take a moment to pause and remember Quevedo today, as he died a couple of weeks ago in his native Venezuela, apparently of a heart attack, far too young at age 37:

Longtime Brewers bullpen catcher Marcus Hanel remembered Quevedo as a fun-loving individual, despite regular teasing from teammates about his weight and fitness.

"Everyone made light of his health and weight and stuff like that, but he was a good dude," Hanel said. "He took a lot of hits for that stuff, but he took it pretty well."

Quevedo last pitched in 2008, for a winter league team in Venezuela. It's sad when anyone passes away, but 37 is far too young. Rest in peace.