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#WriteInRossy: Send David Ross To The All-Star Game!

BCB's Danny Rockett and Cubs players want you to vote for David Ross for the All-Star Game!

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Voting for the All-Star Game closes in only one week and we Cubs fans have a job to do! Get David Ross to the All-Star Game as a starter!

Listen, I know I cannot backup this #VoteRoss pitch with statistics per se. Wilson Ramos is having a banner year, batting .330 with 12 home runs. But as of the last vote tally, Yadier Molina was winning the popular vote with a .259 average and one home run. David Ross has five in 30 fewer games than Yadi has played. David Ross is at least as deserving.

Defensively, Buster Posey is probably the man. He has no fielding errors and you only have a four-in-10 chance of stealing a base off of him. But David Ross has no passed balls and half the number of wild pitches while he's behind the plate. Not too shabby! Plus, the Cubs pitching staff has the lowest WHIP and ERA in the major leagues. Surely David Ross has a lot to do with those numbers!

But stats don't even matter in this vote. Every Cubs fan should #WriteInRossy regardless of who "deserves" to start behind the plate. Why? Because we love David Ross.

It is a great flaw in MLB's All-Star Voting system that they let the fans vote anyway. It's even worse that the game actually counts! I personally wish it was just an exhibition game voted on by the players with a couple of fan vote choices.

But that's the way it is. The fans vote. And as long as that's the case, I'm voting every 24 hours. Five times a day. Up to 35 times. And I'm writing in David Ross. But don't do it because I said to do it. Do it because Jon Lester wants you to!

Or do it because John Baker wants you to!

Or do it because Travis Wood's wife wants you to!

Or do it because Jason Hammel agrees with her!

Or because Anthony Rizzo wants you to!

Anthony even writes Father's Day cards to David Ross, the Dad of the Cubs!

Of course you don't have to #VoteRoss, but all these Cubs players and I think you should. C'mon! Do it! David Ross deserves to have the best final year ever! If 100,000 Cubs fans vote 5 times for Ross four days this week, he likely wins. It's that simple. According to Jesse Rogers, Ross is leading in Write-In votes already.

Let's put him over the top! #WriteInRossy!

Also, since the All-Star Game is in San Diego, and the A.L. team with the worst road record is the Twins, I have been strategic with my vote, assuring an N.L. victory. Just a helpful suggestion...but #VoteRoss today and until you can #VoteRoss no more!

Vote Ross

David Ross wants you to vote!!