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2016 MLB All-Star Game Starting Lineups: Ben Zobrist Leading Off For National League

The first batter of the game will be a Cub.

Elsa/Getty Images

Four Cubs are starting in Tuesday's All-Star Game, and Ben Zobrist will lead off for the National League. Here are both leagues' starting lineups:

As you can see, Kris Bryant will bat third, Anthony Rizzo sixth (!) and Addison Russell ninth.

You'll note that I stated above that "the first batter of the game will be a Cub." You're wondering why this is, since the game is in San Diego, a National League city.

The reason for this is that the leagues are no longer alternating hosting years. Host cities are now putting together "bids" to be the host, and the next three All-Star Games will be in N.L. cities, this year in San Diego, next year in Miami and 2018 in Washington. Thus, the leagues will alternate being the "home" team even if the game is not in their league's city. Since the alternating-league host thing ended after last year, when the game was in an N.L. city (Cincinnati), the leagues will alternate as "home" teams starting this season, no matter where the game's played.

The Cubs, of course, are hoping for a World Series berth. With the entire infield in the starting lineup, they can go a long way toward helping themselves to a possible extra home game if they make it.

Johnny Cueto will start for the National League and Chris Sale for the American League.