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Cubs Game and a Gig Tour Song: "Cubby Roads"

BCB's Danny Rockett's band, Bad Teenage Moustache, followed the Cubs around the country playing music.

Tailgate Concert in Pittsburgh
Tailgate Concert in Pittsburgh
Danny Rockett

How do you describe six baseball games, eight gigs with your band, and a heckuva lot of traveling in under 500 words? In a song parody! That's how!

I hope you enjoy my concise telling of Bad Teenage Moustache's two-week Cubs tour tale in this "Country Roads" parody, along with some of my favorite pictures and videos from the road!

Cubby Roads

Packed the Kia to Columbus

Clippers Baseball, Saw Jim Deshaies’ picture

Soriano played with Ted Lilly

We Saw Burger Races, hot dog raced Gary

Cubby roads, rock and roll

Play a gig, make some dough

Broke a porch swing, Alzan fixed it

Rock and roll, Cubby roads

Cincinnati, Kris Bryant homers

Corey’s daughter won at the casino

15 innings, hanging with these guys

Al’s walking on water, the Kentucky side

Cubby Roads, Rock and Roll

Lee and Grant, Pedro Strop

At the soundcheck, poor Contreras

Rock and roll, Cubby roads

New York City, posed with mufflers

Sold my t-shirt, then I ate a sausage

Auto races, do not smoke inside

Watch the Cubbies losing, BBQ at Mike's

Frankie Wood, books the room

A Mets fan brought a broom

Kelly’s Meetup. Random baseball

Rock and Roll, Cubbie Roads

Airbnb out in Cleveland, Millard Fillmore

We visited Ray Chapman at his Indians grave

We kinda sucked at ping pong, played at Wilbert's

Where they have a lamp that is a leg. It’s a leg!

Hit the road, pack the car

To my cousin’s back yard

Off to Pittsburgh, baseball cookie

Played a show at Hambone's

Cubby Roads, Rock and Roll

With my girlfriend Nicole!

Cubs and Pirates, Evan Altman

Rock and Roll, Cubby Roads

Rock and roll, Cubby Roads

Rock and roll, Cubby Roads