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Cub Tracks Entertains Thoughts

About the upcoming trade deadline, flexibility nigh unto contortionism, the Cubs' record pace, and other bullets.

"I was hoping for meatloaf", Joe says.
"I was hoping for meatloaf", Joe says.
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

In our last edition, Kyle Schwarber loomed large, Kyle Hendricks soloed again, BABIP was not the Cubs' friend, and the guessing game was afoot. We meat-loafed around following yet another series win and, as always, we cultivated Cardinal-hate, even though we don't play them until August 11. Because they should totally be forced to play with a big scarlet letter H for Hacker branded on their foreheads, until the Day of Judgement comes, should their punishment be swift and severe, praise cheeses. In any (sporting) event, yesterday the "Big Texan"** took the mound (ever been to that place? 72-ounce Porterhouse wins! Molly Schuyler ate TWO) and the Cubs took a loss and are looking to score some meatloaf today. Since it's Milwaukee, there's cheddar cheese in the middle.

Today, we aim just as high, with articles about the trade market, Cubbie occurrences, a duplicate Wrigley Field, and other bullets for your infotainment needs. It's Sunday, and there's a game this afternoon. So, without further ado, let's mix up a pitcher of Bloody Marys, grab some cheesy comestibles, and get straight into today's infotainment. As always * means autoplay on (directions to remove for Firefox and Chrome).

Range of options on the stove.

  • Michael Ernst (Cubs Den): Thoughts on surplus trade assets and future roster allocation heading into the deadline. Good place to start-everyone who is anyone is discussed here.
  • Jon Heyman (Today's Knuckleball): Cubs showing interest in A's outfielder Josh Reddick. Originated by Jon Morosi, this rumor persists.
  • Sean Sears (Sports Mockery): Cubs' trade target scratched from tonight's lineup. Josh Reddick came up with a mysterious back ailment.
  • Neil (Chicago Cubs Online): Cubs reportedly a potential suitor for Jay Bruce. This one has been on the stove for a while, and apparently it's still simmering. Also, Boone Logan is a possible LHP option.
  • Jon Heyman (Today's Knuckleball): Welcome to the worst starting pitcher market ever. Mentions the Andrew Miller/Aroldis Chapman thing.
  • Corey Francis (Cubbies Crib): Is Albert Almora on the trade block? Not so much this year...but next year, maybe, if they don't re-sign Dexter Fowler, according to Nicholas D. Blazek's corresponding article.
  • Evan Altman (Cubs Insider): Theo Epstein very transparent in discussing Cubs' plans. "...deciphering his GM-speak."
  • John Sickels (Minor League Ball): Prospects in Cubs/Mariners Mike Montgomery trade. Thumbnail sketches of the three minor leaguers that were involved in the trade: Dan Vogelbach, Paul Blackburn, and Jordan Pries.
  • Eric Longenhagen (Fangraphs): Scouting Dan Vogelbach and company. Mostly about Vogelbach but thumbnails of the pitchers.
  • Anthony Castrovince (Sports On Earth): 12 not-so-crazy trade candidates. Yeah. Joey Gallo would be a prize for someone. I like Anthony DeSclafani too. About one of those potential trades, Theo Epstein says "I'm looking forward to Kyle Schwarber coming back and hitting a very big home run in a Cubs uniform sometime very early next season."
  • Evan Massey (Inquisitr): Cubs could still be targeting a trade for Ryan Braun. Magic 8-ball says "highly unlikely".
  • Tim Huwe (the Zygote 50): Is Jordan Pries a throw-in? Analysis of prospect's possibilities.

Side dishes.

  • Joe Aguilar (Daily Herald): Hector Rondon willing to fill any bullpen role. "I try to get some people out, but sometimes they get lucky, too,"said Rondon. "They have a bat. It is how it is."
  • Cat Garcia (Wrigleyville-Baseball Prospectus): A month in, Willson Contreras still shining. He's already made a few successful adjustments.
  • Nicholeas D. Blazek (Cubbies Crib): Jason Heyward still has time to prove his worth. Discusses Heyward's hitting issues, has comp to Todd Zeile.
  • Evan Altman (Cubs Insider): If all else fails, maybe Joe Maddon can use Jason Heyward as a reliever. Contreras too. Heyward's hitting like a pitcher...
  • Jesse Rogers (ESPN*): Carl Edwards, Jr, emerging in Cubs bullpen. The young reliever is doing quite well, thank you.
  • Bradford Doolittle (ESPN*): With Joe Nathan's impending arrival, Cubs' bullpen is beginning to take shape. Assuming that Nathan sticks, which is by no means a given, then yes.
  • Doug Kern (ESPN): The week in interesting and unusual Chicago Cubs stats. Kyle Hendricks set a record, Anthony Rizzo tied one, and more.
  • Kazuto Yamazaki (Wrigleyville-Baseball Prospectus): The Cubs are getting hit by pitches at a historic pace. Bryzzo are supposed to be autographing balls with their bats. But the balls are often autographing Cubs.
  • Bernie Pleskoff (Today's Knuckleball): Pleskoff scouting report: Eloy Jimenez. Thumbnail portrait of Cubs' minor-league outfield prospect.
  • Bruce Miles (Daily Herald): Albert Almora takes demotion with grace. He'll be back for a honeymoon after having had his coffee.
  • Sean Sears (Sports Mockery): This All-Star catalyst is essential to Cubs success. Dexter Fowler-as he goes, the Cubs go.
  • Patrick Mooney (CSN Chicago*): Cubs ready to activate Joe Nathan, but is that enough for this bullpen? No way to know yet.

Wrigley Field and stream.

  • Bud Polican ( If Wrigley Field can keep its charm after facelift, Carrier Dome can do the same. Put a lid on it?
  • Kayla Binnett (WCSH*): Wrigley Field replica under construction. It's not full-size, but Waterville, Maine is building a duplicate Wrigley Field. It's seven miles down the road from a duplicate Fenway Park. Pretty effin' cool.
  • ESPN*: Kyle Schwarber joins Carmen and Jurko. [AUDIO]
  • Charles Tillman throws out the first pitch (from Friday). [VIDEO]
  • Curt Hogg ( Anthony Rizzo, Jonathon LuCroy join forces to fight cancer. "Anytime that you can help people out through the platform that we have, I think it's important to take advantage of that," Lucroy said. [VIDEO]
  • Joe Ward (DNAinfo): Wrigleyville rooftop owner who hid profits from Cubs convicted of fraud. Marc Hamid faced the music in federal court Friday.

Food for thought:

  • Adrian Cho (Science): Dark matter search comes up empty. No "WIMPS" detected.
  • How astronomers used Twitter to understand our galaxy. "A research effort sparked by tweets led scientists to confirm that the Milky Way's central bulge of stars forms an "X" shape."
  • David Kagan (Hardball Times): The physics of catchers' knees. "A catcher and his body are like the outlaw and his horse. He’s got to ride that nag till it drops," said Johnny Bench.

**according to Len Kasper, who called him that in the third inning.