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Cubs Trade Rumors: Aroldis Chapman Might Be Coming To The Cubs For Gleyber Torres

This would be a big deal, in many ways.

Elsa/Getty Images

The Cubs have been looking for relief pitching help, and they might be getting the biggest name on the trade market.

Aroldis Chapman is rumored to be coming to the Cubs for Gleyber Torres, a top Cubs prospect who was scratched from his Sunday game for High-A Myrtle Beach.

Here's some information via Jon Heyman and Tommy Stokke of Knuckleball Sports:

The holdup to this deal appears to be the desire of the Cubs to lock up Chapman on a multi-year deal, reported in some places as four years, $60 million. Personally, I think that's a lot for a relief pitcher, even one who can throw 100+, as Chapman can.

There might be other players involved before this deal gets done and the whole thing could fall apart.

Here are some thoughts on this potential trade from our SB Nation Yankees site Pinstripe Alley.

I'll update and/or post again if/when this deal is complete, or if it falls apart. For now, the above is what we know.