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Cubs Trade Rumors: Adam Warren Could Be Included In Aroldis Chapman Deal

There's not much going on Monday morning regarding this possible trade, but some new information is available.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The Cubs' rumored trade for Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman has not yet been completed, but I'm posting a new thread for a couple of reasons. First, the thread from Sunday night has gotten kind of long comment-wise and it's probably a good idea to start fresh this morning.

Second, there's a bit of new information out there:

Of course, Sherman meant Jeimer Candelario, not "Javier."

Well, that's interesting. Warren had become superfluous in the Cubs' bullpen. With the addition of Joe Nathan, Warren had been sent to Triple-A Iowa, ostensibly to stretch him out to start. Warren hadn't had much success with the Cubs, and perhaps the Yankees felt he could help them, as he had been at least decent for them over the last few seasons.

Here's another piece of info from Joel Sherman:

This deal could be consummated today, or not; I'll keep checking for new information and post additional info here if and when it happens.