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MLB Trades and Rumors: Andrew Miller To Indians

Trades are coming fast and furious on the day before the deadline.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees continued the dismantling of their bullpen early Sunday:

No word yet on who the Yankees are getting in return. Late last night, Ken Rosenthal also reported another Indians trade:

Jonathan Lucroy, as noted, has a limited no-trade clause and must consent to go to Cleveland. Here's part of the package going to the Brewers:

And more:

These moves show that the Indians are apparently going "all-in" on this season, bolstering both their bullpen and offense. The Tribe currently lead the A.L. Central by 4½ games over the Tigers and are virtually tied with the Rangers for the best record in the American League, 17 games over .500. And here's why the Yankees suddenly divested themselves of Miller:

Where does this leave the Cubs, with one day to go? There have been rumors the team is interested in Oakland's Josh Reddick, but that's apparently not happening:

With the addition of Chris Coghlan to the Cubs' roster a couple of days ago, I'd agree with Heyman. The Cubs don't really need Reddick and he's spent some time on the DL this year. I'd guess the Athletics' asking price is probably too high.

There are some rumors that the Cubs have been looking at Rays starting pitching. Starting pitching is one of the Cubs' strengths, so I'm not sure why they'd need to make a deal like that. Over the offseason, perhaps, in order to get more team-controlled arms, but not now. If I had to guess, I'd say the Cubs will make no further trades before 3 p.m. CT on Monday.

That should give you enough to ruminate over this morning with a day to go until the non-waiver trade deadline. Feel free to use this post as an all-purpose trade talk post until the Cubs game tonight against the Mariners.