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Cubs Outfielder Dexter Fowler Won't Play In All-Star Game

The Cubs center fielder isn't quite ready.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Dexter Fowler began a rehab assignment at Low-A South Bend Friday night. He served as DH and walked twice in four plate appearances.

This was done, in part, in the hope that Fowler could play in Tuesday's All-Star Game. He was elected one of three starting outfielders. Unfortunately, that won't happen:

I'm sure Dex is disappointed, as are Cubs fans, who will still have four starting players (and two pitchers) to root for Tuesday night. I'm still hopeful he can be ready to go when the Cubs face the Rangers at Wrigley Field next Friday. Here's news on a replacement for Fowler (and also Yoenis Cespedes, who left Friday's Mets game with an injury) for the All-Star Game:

He'll surely fly to San Diego so he can be honored for his election to the N.L. All-Star team, then continue his rehab:

And he's also sent out these props to the South Bend Cubs:

Fowler's daughter, as always, is adorable. Fowler was expected to play for South Bend Saturday night; now that won't happen, either:

I wish Dex the best in his rehab. Hurry back, the big-league Cubs need you.