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MLB Trade Deadline Day Open Thread

Here's where you can discuss trade rumors and happenings on deadline day.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Let me go on record right now saying: I do not believe the Cubs will make any trades before the non-waiver trading deadline occurs at 3 p.m. CT Monday afternoon.

Sure, I could be wrong. Maybe Theo & Co. have a surprise up their collective sleeves. But somehow, I don't think so.

After Sunday's early flurry of activity, with Andrew Miller traded to the Indians and Jonathan Lucroy rejecting a deal to the same club, things were pretty quiet on the trade front for the rest of Sunday, with the exception of Wade Miley, who threw an excellent game against the Cubs Saturday, being traded to the Orioles from the Mariners.

And there are still quite a few other players who might switch teams today. Feel free to use this thread all day for trade discussion.

Finally, even if the Cubs don't make a deal today, they still might before August 31, if a useful player clears waivers and can be dealt. The Cubs had three players on the 2015 postseason roster who weren't on the 25-man roster as of July 31: Trevor Cahill, Fernando Rodney and Austin Jackson.

Have at it!