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I passed a personal milestone Tuesday night.

Mike Bojanowski

Indulge me a bit here, if you will.

Tuesday night's Cubs/Angels game was the 3,000th overall major-league game I attended.

That breaks down this way:

2,770 Cubs games (2,554 at Wrigley Field, 216 on the road).

230 other games, most of which were White Sox games on the South Side not involving the Cubs (154) or Brewers games in Milwaukee not involving the Cubs (22).

I've been to games at 26 of the 30 ballparks currently in use, all except Petco Park, Safeco Park, Marlins Park and Tropicana Field. I also went to games at the following parks no longer in use: old Comiskey Park, Milwaukee County Stadium, Metropolitan Stadium (Minnesota), Shea Stadium, Jarry Park (Montreal), Exhibition Stadium (Toronto), old Busch Stadium, Riverfront Stadium, San Diego/Qualcomm Stadium, Candlestick Park, the Metrodome, Three Rivers Stadium, Tiger Stadium and old Yankee Stadium, as well as these two parks outside the USA where I saw the Cubs play regular-season games: Tokyo Dome and Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico. That's 42 parks in all.

Thanks to Mike Bojanowski for drawing this cartoon commemorating this personal milestone.

3000th game toon