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Cubs Song Parody: La Stella

BCB's Danny Rockett has some musical advice for Tommy La Stella.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

As a professional understudy in the theater, I've been passed over for lead roles I'd already played dozens of times. The leads cast over me were often perfect for the roles, and they did that one thing very well. Understudies do many things well, and their versatility as cast depth, and ability to learn and play multiple roles often relegates them backstage, waiting in the wings until someone loses their voice or throws out their back.

Tommy La Stella is a baseball understudy and I understand why such a talented ballplayer wouldn't want to go back to the minors after having success in the show. I absolutely hated teaching toddler music classes only a few years after performing in front of thousands of people paying hundreds of dollars a ticket. I did it and it was absolutely soul-sucking. But what could I do? I had to pay the rent.

Tommy deserves to be on the Chicago Cubs right now, in many fans' opinion, but with options available, well, that's just a business decision. It stinks! But that's the life of an understudy. All guts. No glory. Personally, I hope that he goes to Iowa for a couple of weeks, and then comes back up in September and plays his way onto the playoff roster. I'm a huge fan and he can be quite a spark plug.

So Tommy... here's a little Rihanna "Umbrella" parody that I hope motivates you back to the Midwest.