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The Cubs' 2016 Inning-by-Inning Breakdown

A look at how the Cubs have fared offensively and pitching-wise in each inning in 2016.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Today we take a look at the Cubs' runs per inning and runs allowed per inning for this season. As you would expect with such a large run differential on the season, the Cubs are outscoring their opponents in each of the first nine innings. In their nine extra-inning games, Chicago is outscoring opponents 11 to six.

After the last few weeks, it's not surprising to see that the eighth inning has been the toughest on the pitching staff. They have allowed 67 runs in that frame which has seen Pedro Strop, Hector Rondon, Carl Edwards Jr., and a few other faces. They have allowed 13 more runs in the eighth than they have in any other inning. The first, third, and fourth innings have been where the Cubs have seen the most success offensively. They have gotten used to jumping out to big leads and having some wiggle room as the games progress which was evident in Wednesday's game.



Below is a table breaking down the average runs scored and average runs allowed in each inning:


Here is the Cubs' run differential by inning (ranked best to worst):

  1. Inning 3: 83 runs scored, 30 runs allowed (+53)
  2. Inning 4: 84 runs scored, 44 runs allowed (+40)
  3. Inning 1: 84 runs scored, 53 runs allowed (+31)
  4. Inning 6: 78 runs scored, 52 runs allowed (+26)
  5. Inning 5: 61 runs scored, 39 runs allowed (+22)
  6. Inning 7: 70 runs scored, 54 runs allowed (+16)
  7. Inning 2: 58 runs scored, 45 runs allowed (+13)
  8. Inning 9: 48 runs scored, 40 runs allowed (+8)
  9. Inning 8: 70 runs scored, 67 runs allowed (+3)



Other interesting notes:

  • The Cubs have only come up to bat 85 times in the ninth inning of games, while opponents have had 105 opportunities to bat in the ninth; and the Cubs still have a slightly positive run differential in that inning
  • The most runs Chicago has scored in an inning is six (first, second, sixth, and eighth innings)
  • The most runs they have allowed in an inning is seven (first, second, and sixth innings)
  • The 2016 Cubs are averaging 5.20 runs/nine innings and allowing 3.40 runs/nine innings
  • The inning by inning breakdown is: 0.58 runs scored/inning, 0.38 runs allowed/inning
  • The Cubs have scored in 45 out of 126 opportunities in the third (35.71%), 43 out of 126 in the sixth (34.13%), 42 out of 126 in the first (33.33%), and 41 out of 126 in the fourth (32.54%) inning.