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The Cubs, The Pirates, The Cardinals And Remaining Schedules

It's not too early to take a look at what's left of the division race. (Plus, the race for best record in the National League)

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

With the Cubs holding a 14-game division lead, and the magic number for division clinching down to 19, I didn't think it was too early to take a look at what the Cubs and their closest division rivals, the Cardinals and Pirates, all have left on their 2016 schedules.

This season has gone by so quickly; fewer than five weeks remain -- except, of course, we hope the Cubs have a full month's worth of baseball in October!

Here are the remaining schedules for all three teams going into Tuesday's action. (Home games in bold)

Cubs: 32 (16 home, 16 road)

Pirates (2), Giants (4), at Brewers (3), at Astros (3), at Cardinals (3), Brewers (4), Reds (3), Cardinals (3), at Pirates (4), at Reds (3)

Pirates: 33 (17 home, 16 road)

at Cubs (2), Brewers (3), Cardinals (3), Reds (3), at Phillies (3), at Reds (4), at Brewers (3), Nationals (3), Cubs (4), at Cardinals (3)

Cardinals: 32 (14 home, 18 road)

at Brewers (2), at Reds (3), at Pirates (3), Brewers (4), Cubs (3), at Giants (4), at Rockies (3), at Cubs (3), Reds (4), Pirates (3)

The Pirates and Cardinals both have some rough territory in their remaining schedules. The Pirates finish with a 10-game homestand against the Nats, Cubs and Cardinals, and the Cardinals have a 10-game trip to play the Giants, Rockies and Cubs. Meanwhile, the Cubs finish with all divisional games except the three at Houston and the four coming up this weekend against the Giants.

The Cardinals' could have an advantage given their bizarre home/road split. They have the best road record in baseball at 39-24, but are seven games under .500 at home, the only team with an overall winning record that has a losing mark at home. They have lost home series to the awful A's, D'backs and Braves.

One more thing to note: the Cubs' magic number to clinch home field throughout the N.L. playoffs is 24, over the Nationals (the Cubs own the tiebreaker for home field over the Nats since they won the season series). Here's their remaining schedule.

Nationals: 31 (17 home, 14 road)

at Phillies (2), at Mets (3), Braves (3), Phillies (4), Mets (3), at Braves (3), at Marlins (3), at Pirates (3), Diamondbacks (4), Marlins (3)

With 10 of their remaining games against the Braves and D'backs, the Nats could have an advantage. They are 14-2 against those teams so far this year. The Cubs, though, have an eight-game lead over the Nats for the best record, so if the Cubs keep winning their games, they should be just fine.