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Who’s Your Favorite 2016 Cubs Player?

This year’s Cubs team, in addition to being talented, is eminently likeable. Who do you like best?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

While we wait for this evening’s ESPN broadcast of the Cubs/Astros game, I thought it would be interesting to poll all of you to see which of this year’s Cubs is your favorite.

"Favorite" can be decided by any number of criteria. You can vote on performance, potential, looks... there’s no one way to describe who your "favorite" is.

Perhaps you’re a big fan of Jake Arrieta, after his amazing 2015 season. Or Anthony Rizzo, for his performance and leadership. Or Kris Bryant, for the "sparkles" in his eyes and his MVP-caliber season.

Or someone else — you don’t have to have a specific reason. Maybe a player was kind enough to sign autographs for your kids. Or you’ve liked his career trajectory or potential.

The list I’ve provided here is from this article, the 25 players I felt were most likely going to make up the Cubs’ postseason roster. Perhaps you have a choice who’s not on the list; that’s OK, too, as I’ve listed that choice in the poll. Players are listed in alphabetical order, and note, this is for players only, so Joe Maddon, the coaching staff and Theo Epstein and the executives aren't included.

Have fun with this on an afternoon while we wait for Cubs baseball.

Oh, you want to know who I'm voting for. This is, as I noted above, a likeable team with a great many players who could be a "favorite." My vote's going to Kyle Hendricks, who, as you know, I've been a big fan of for a long time. I love watching him pitch, the way he works his craft, and how he's made himself one of the top pitchers in the game without 95-plus velocity.

Now it's your turn.