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Cubs Parody Song: Welcome Cubs Bandwagon Fans!

Did you just recently jump on the Cubs bandwagon? Then this song is for you.

cubs fans (danny rockett) Danny Rockett

Hey! Let’s face it... we all jumped on the Cubs bandwagon at some point. Whether you’ve loved the Cubs since before you even understood the game of baseball, you grew up in a far away land with no local team and got into the Cubs from Harry Caray and WGN’s ubiquitous cable signal, or you are just happy Chicago has a winning team again and haven’t been around since 2003, Welcome! There is room for all of us on this Cubs bandwagon.

But that didn’t stop me from writing a parody song to poke fun at Cubs fan newcomers.

After all, these are the fair weather fans who didn’t bother to show up in 2014 to watch Jake Arrieta and current ERA leader Kyle Hendricks being caught by Cubs folk-hero John Baker. And the bandwagon barrage has tripled my average ticket price with their mere presence. So I have had some fun at their expense.

I’ve tweeted overheard uninformed Cubs opinions from the stands like “They should trade Arrieta now and get some more hitting.” And some of us Wrigley regulars have been swapping photos at Wrigley of fans in outdated jerseys. I’ve shared many of them in the music video I’ve made for the song, a send up of Grand Funk Railroad’s “We’re an American Band”, not titled “I Am a Bandwagon Fan.” Posted below this passive aggressive rant.

So, I thought it would be fun to ask #CubsTwitter this question to help write the song.

Here are some of my favorite responses.

There were so many great ideas, I wish I could have included them all here and in the song. @crawlyscubs, a season ticket holder, even intimated that venting about bandwagon fans was somewhat therapeutic.

I then amassed and amalgamated these tweet ideas and scrolled back through my photos of hundreds of ball games for pictures of weird looking fans to write the song and make the video.

You might even recognize yourself in one of the photos!

I understand the darker side of my sense of humor is not for some, and you may think I’m #FanShaming or #CubSplaining. But I assure you, I welcome all comers to Cubs fandom. (Even if I think it’s time to replace that Matt Stairs shirsey that I’m secretly jealous of...)