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Wrigley Field: From Pearl Jam To Resodding

Here are some cool aerial views of the ballpark over the last few weeks.

When the Cubs returned home August 29, after several concerts including one just two days earlier by Luke Bryan, the field wasn't in great shape for the homestand with the Pirates and Giants. You could see the marks where the field cover was (for seating) and the area where the stages were positioned in center field had been re-sodded.

The Cubs completely re-sodded the field during the road trip that ended Wednesday and so Wrigley Field should be in great condition for the final regular-season homestand that begins Thursday night with the potential division-clincher against the Brewers... and, of course, for postseason play next month.

Curtis Waltz, a pilot specializing in aerial photography, runs the Twitter account @WrigleyAerials and he graciously sent me the 10 photos in this gallery to share with you. They show the ballpark with the Pearl Jam stage (photos 1-3), then the field as it looked for the beginning of the homestand August 29 (photos 4-5), and then the field replacement September 12 (photos 6-10). Photo 7 shows some of the removed sod that was made available for people to pick up last week.

If you like Curtis' photos please check out his website,