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You Can Still Get Into Tonight’s Cubs Game, But It’ll Cost You

Here’s a look into StubHub prices for the potential division clincher.

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

At the time this article posted, it was four hours before the Cubs were scheduled to take the field at Wrigley for their possible N.L. Central-clinching game against the Milwaukee Brewers.

As of early afternoon, there were still some standing room tickets available on cubs.compriced at $50.

Perhaps you don’t want to stand for the entire game. (Though many will, I suspect.) So you’ve gone over to StubHub to see what kind of actual seat you can get for tonight’s contest.

BCB reader Lifetime Cubs Fan did some research into StubHub pricing from Monday through early this morning. Here’s what he found (the last price on this chart is from 9:15 a.m. CT Thursday):

As you can see, prices started to spike as the Cubs were defeating the Cardinals Wednesday afternoon (with one odd exception, noted on the chart), and had declined somewhat by Thursday morning, along with availability.

LCF will, as noted on the chart, have more information on how this game sold in the next Cubs Attendance Watch article, which will appear after this homestand ends.

If you’re going to the game — enjoy!