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MLB Bullets Is Fading Fast

The Giants are in trouble as the wild card chase heats up. A look at the postseason awards. A look ahead to the playoffs.

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Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

I really think that Vin Scully should broadcast his final game while tripping on psychedelic mushrooms. "Pence grounds out to Adrian Gonzalez. That brings up Buster Posey.  Gonzalez was born in San Diego . . .strike one to Posey . . .and even though he grew up in Tijuana, his mother took him to the Zoo in San Diego often . . .fastball misses the plate. The count is now 1-1 on Posey . . .and his mother would always take Adrian to see the tiger exhibit, because they were his favorite animals . . .Buster takes strike two. . .Thus, it's ironic that Gonzalez was just eaten by a tiger while holding Denard Span on first. . .Posey swings and misses strike three."

Yeah, I'm sure that's going to upset someone. But Scully is such a professional that he would not let a player being eaten by a tiger on the field upset his call of the game.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster.