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A Look At Cycles Against The Cubs Through History

The Pirates’ John Jaso did something pretty rare Wednesday.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

John Jaso’s cycle against the Cubs was the 14th by a Cubs opponent in franchise history, in addition to being the 308th in major-league history.

Here are the other 13, in chronological order from the earliest, with boxscore links when available.

June 16, 1884: Jim O’Rourke, Buffalo Bisons. No boxscore link available. The Cubs (then known as “White Stockings”) lost 20-9.

June 13, 1885: George Wood, Detroit Wolverines. No boxscore link available. The Cubs (still the “White Stockings”) won 17-9.

August 21, 1886: Jack Rowe, Detroit Wolverines. No boxscore link available. The Cubs (still the “White Stockings”) lost 12-5.

June 10, 1912: Chief Meyers, New York Giants. No boxscore link available. The Cubs won 9-8.

July 5, 1915: Heinie Groh, Cincinnati Reds. Groh went 5-for-5 with four runs scored at West Side Grounds. The Cubs lost 12-7 in the second game of a doubleheader.

July 1, 1931: Chuck Klein, Philadelphia Phillies. Klein, who later played for the Cubs, went 4-for-5 with five RBI and the Cubs lost 11-6 at Philadelphia. He completed the cycle with a home run.

September 14, 1961: Ken Boyer, St. Louis Cardinals. Boyer went 5-for-6 and completed his cycle with a walkoff homer off Don Elston in the 11th inning at St. Louis for a 6-5 Cardinals win. This was also the second game of a doubleheader. The attendance for that twi-night DH (remember, turnstile count in those days) was 5,835. The game began around 8 p.m. and ran 3:21; it doesn’t seem likely that many people stuck around that evening to see Boyer’s homer.

April 21, 1976: Tim Foli, Montreal Expos. This was the first cycle by a visiting player at Wrigley Field. Foli went 4-for-5, and the home run he hit to complete the cycle was actually hit on April 22 — the game had been suspended due to darkness after the seventh inning April 21, and completed the next day. The Cubs lost 12-6. This is the only “natural cycle” against the Cubs — the hits achieved in order, single, double, triple, home run. Foli, not a power hitter (just 25 career HR in over 6,000 major-league at-bats), was probably the weirdest guy to cycle against the Cubs, until...

June 25, 1976: Mike Phillips, New York Mets. This is the only time the Cubs have allowed two cycles in one year. Phillips’ 4-for-5 day led the Mets to a 7-4 win at Wrigley Field, and was part of a series where he went 7-for-13 with a double, a triple, three home runs, three walks and six runs scored. The three homers Phillips hit in those three games were fully 27 percent of his career total of 11.

June 23, 1984: Willie McGee, St. Louis Cardinals. You probably remember this game better as the “Sandberg Game.” McGee’s cycle was pretty much forgotten after Sandberg’s heroics helped win the game 12-11 after the Cubs had trailed 7-1 and 9-3. This is the last cycle completed by a visiting player at Wrigley Field.

August 14, 2008: Mark Kotsay, Atlanta Braves. Kotsay went 5-for-5, but the Cubs had the last laugh on this day with an 11-7 win.

August 10, 2009: Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado Rockies. Tulo went 5-for-5 with seven RBI and the Rockies beat the Cubs 11-5, the score that “close” only because the Cubs had a four-run ninth.

July 31, 2010: Carlos Gonzalez, Colorado Rockies. The Cubs had tied the game 5-5 in the eighth, but CarGo completed his cycle and won the game for the Rox with a walkoff homer off Sean Marshall.