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‘Cubs By The Numbers’: Revised And Updated!

A new edition of this fun book is available now!

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Indulge me a bit here, if you will.

Those of you who’ve been here for a while will remember the 2009 book “Cubs By The Numbers,” co-written by me, Kasey Ignarski and Matt Silverman.

Kasey, Matt and I have completely revised and updated the book and it’s available now at your local bookstore (hopefully, you still have a brick-and-mortar bookstore in your area!) or at Amazon.

If you’re not familiar with the previous edition, we’ve got a complete list of every Cub who’s worn a uniform number since the team began issuing them June 30, 1932. (Except one -- and you’ll have to get the book to find out the story!)

The chapters are arranged by uniform number, but it’s not just a dry list of numbers (though there are plenty of those). The stories behind the numbers are what was the most fun to research, and hopefully, for you to read. There are stories about how certain players got certain numbers, how longtime clubhouse manager Yosh Kawano set up a “system” for numbering players that lasted for decades, and the one Cub who was on the active roster during the time of the 25-man limit who got a number, but never appeared in a game. (Again — buy the book, you’ll find out who!)

This new edition has all the players and numbers through the end of the 2015 season, but we did get a Jason Heyward story in there, as well as note Jake Arrieta’s April no-hitter this year. It’s also got all-new photos, and features Jake and Kris Bryant on the cover (as well as, of course, Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks).

If you have the original, this update is a must-have! (Well, I think so, at least.) If you don’t — what are you waiting for?

Thanks in advance, and seriously, I think you’ll love this Cubs book.