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Q & A With Cubs TV Broadcaster Len Kasper

Got a question for the Cubs announcer? Here's your chance!

Courtesy Len Kasper

Len Kasper is in his 12th season as Cubs TV play-by-play announcer, and he and Jim Deshaies make an excellent broadcast team. They've undoubtedly had much more fun this year talking about a playoff-contending team that has played exciting and compelling baseball all season.

If that paragraph sounds familiar, I wrote it last year when we did a similar Q&A with Len, and it’s exactly true again -- I didn’t have to change a thing, except for changing “11th season” to “12th season.”

Len has again graciously agreed to answer questions from BCB readers, this afternoon from 1:30 p.m. CT until about 2:15. Post whatever you'd like to know from Len, and he’ll answer for 45 minutes or so, at which time he’ll have to begin preparations for tonight’s game against the Brewers.

Please be respectful, as I'm grateful to Len for giving his time to BCB.

That said -- now it's your turn. Have at it!