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MLB Bullets Is Unbreakable

An Angel didn’t become an angel, thank goodness. I rant on Cal Ripken Jr. The Cubs are a machine. The Pirates be sinking.

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Orioles v Yankees X

Quick editorial related to today’s Bullets. Cal Ripken Jr. is both one of the most underrated and overrated ballplayers of all-time, and it’s all because of that streak. In his 20s, Ripken was one of the most dominating players ever: a power-hitting shortstop in an era when shortstops usually hit 4 home runs a season. And while he wasn’t naturally-gifted to play the position, he turned himself into a superior defensive shortstop through hard work and intelligence. He wasn’t quite as great after he turned 30, but he was still good. All-in-all, only Honus Wagner can realistically claim to have had a better career at shortstop than Ripken and it was a different game back then.

But no one ever talks about that. Everyone talks about “The Streak.” While the streak was pretty darn incredible and took an incredible amount of force of will for Ripken to accomplish, it didn’t really help the Orioles win ballgames. And that’s the point of baseball: to win, not just show up every day. You can’t argue that the Orioles would have won fewer pennants had Ripken taken two days off every season and you could argue that they would have won a couple more had he been more rested down the stretch.

So to sum up: Cal Ripken Jr., the ballplayer? Underrated. Cal Ripken Jr., the streak? Overrated. And I’m a filthy communist who hates America, apple pie and should go back to Cuba.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster.