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Here’s Your Opportunity For Cubs Playoff Tickets

It might be a longshot, but you can register starting now!

Wrigley Field during the 2015 NLDS against the Cardinals
Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

It’s time to think about how you might obtain tickets to the Cubs’ postseason games if you’re not a season-ticket holder.

Wednesday morning, the Cubs announced registration details for a postseason ticket opportunity. You can register at this link, and here are further details.

The registration period for any wild-card game tickets (yes, they have to do this up to the point where the Cubs actually clinch the division title) and division series tickets ends at noon CT, Wednesday, September 21. If you register for the drawing, you’re automatically registered for NLCS and World Series ticket drawings as well.

The deadline for NLCS registration is noon CT, Friday, October 7, and for World Series registration, noon CT, Monday, October 21. If you get selected through the random drawing, you’ll have a chance to buy four tickets to one game. Details will be sent in an email you get if you’re selected, and the Cubs say that being selected in the drawing doesn’t guarantee you tickets.

"With so much excitement surrounding this year’s team, demand will certainly exceed the limited number of tickets we have available for postseason play at Wrigley Field,” said Cubs Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Colin Faulkner. “Like last year, we once again wanted to provide a fair process to give access to these tickets. Nearly 1.2 million people registered for the purchase opportunity last year, so we encourage fans to register early and purchase quickly if their name is selected.”

So, go for it; the registration period is now open. Good luck!