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John Lackey Song: 'I Didn't Come Here For a Haircut (I Came for Jewelry)'

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BCB's Danny Rockett has a new Cubs song featuring the big righthander's folksy phrase.

John Lackey came here for Jewelry
John Lackey came here for Jewelry
Steven Wade

Remember a few weeks ago when John Lackey said "I didn't come here for a haircut.... I came here for jewelry"? Well now, thanks to Al's friend Mike's helpful song suggestion, it's a full fledged country song and video sung by John Lackey, portrayed by yours truly.

The most beautiful thing to me about this new original song, is that the band on this track came together through the vast and loving network of Cubs fans.

Will Baker, brother of beloved former Cubs player and current front office company man, John Baker, plays a mean trombone.

I met Bexy Ashworth, the violinist, through her husband Kevin, who I met at Ivy Envy's "Lake Weekend." The Ashworths live in Toronto, but happened to be around for a wedding and a Cubs game, so we laid down her tracks with a borrowed violin a few weeks ago.

The keyboardist and bass player, Gary Damico and Alzan Pelesic, are my band Bad Teenage Moustache, who follow me senselessly on my crazy Cubs Game and a Gig tours.

And Cubs fans Dan Nielsen, Steven Wade, and Joe Ingram provided some photoshopped John Lackey hilarity for the video.

Here's what happens when John Lackey says something awesome and musically talented Cubs fans come together...

Please buy this song! It helps me feed hungry musicians when they come over to record!