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2017 Cubs attendance watch

2017 Cubs attendance watch: Season in review and postseason pricing

A wrap of the season and a look at how playoff tickets are priced on the secondary market.

2017 Cubs attendance watch: September 2017

A number of factors have made overall attendance a bit lower than in the Cubs’ World Series season last year.

2017 Cubs attendance watch: July 21-25 and August 1-6 homestands

Attendance and prices were up, as you might have expected in midsummer.

2017 Cubs attendance watch: July 4-9 homestand

The ballpark was filled through most of this homestand. Plus, a pricing update.

2017 Cubs attendance watch: June 2-11 homestand

Attendance was curiously low for some of the games in this homestand.

2017 Cubs Attendance Watch: May 16-25 homestand

Cubs attendance was really hurt by miserable weather this past week.

2017 Cubs Attendance Watch: May 1-7 Homestand

Ticket sales were pretty good for this past week, but the weather made for a lot of no-shows.

2017 Cubs Attendance Watch: April 10-19 Homestand

Cubs attendance is up. So are prices. This should not surprise you.