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Review: ‘The Cubs Win The World Series’ CD

Cubs radio broadcaster Pat Hughes has put together this great collection of 2016 highlights.

Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Cubs won the 2016 World Series.

I’m sure you can’t hear that enough, or reminisce about it enough, and because of that I’m going to highly recommend Pat Hughes’ new “Baseball Voices” CD, titled “The Cubs Win The World Series!”

The CD isn’t just about the Cubs’ Series win, though. It’s got over an hour’s worth of radio highlights from the entire season, in chronological order from April all the way through Game 7. The clinching World Series game gets a “chapter” all to itself, nearly 10 minutes’ worth of highlights, culminating in Pat’s call of the final out, the grounder grabbed by Kris Bryant and thrown to Anthony Rizzo to win the game and the Series.

In so doing Pat Hughes became the first man ever to say “The Chicago Cubs win the World Series!” on radio, as the World Series drought had been so long that commercial radio hadn’t even been invented when it last happened, a fact Pat notes in his narration of the highlights.

In his narration, Pat says calling that last out of Game 7 “by far the biggest moment in my Cubs career,” and adds, “I fully appreciate the unique privilege I had to be the first Cubs broadcaster to say those magical words. I will savor that moment for the rest of my life.”

In addition, you’ll also enjoy highlights of many of the Cubs’ biggest wins all season. One of the things it was interesting to note listening to this was the loud crowd noise cheering for the Cubs during road games. Yes, I’m aware this audio was probably enhanced somewhat, but those of you who went to Cubs road games all year surely took note of how much blue there was in the stands. Pat makes note that there were an estimated 15,000 Cubs fans at Game 7, a remarkable total for a road World Series game.

As I’m sure all of us will, even if the Cubs go on to win more World Series, because there’s only one “first time in your lifetime” for your team to win the ultimate prize.

And the entire 2016 season is worth reliving, and you can do it with this well-produced CD. Most of the highlights are Pat’s calls, but there are also some by Ron Coomer, Mark Grote and Len Kasper; Len joined the radio crew for the postseason.

The CD sells for $19.99 and you can order it here. Well worth it, I’d say, another memory to have for your 2016 Cubs collection.

Pat’s produced several other CDs and you can see them all at his Baseball Voices website.