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Wrigley Field Construction Update: January 9

Some nighttime views of the project.

BCB’s David Sameshima took a few photos around Wrigley Field on his way home from work on Monday. Here’s what he told me he saw:

These photos were all taken on Monday evening, around 6:30PM. I had a few minutes, and I saw these interesting scenes. From the CTA Addison Red Line Station, I saw the huge mound of dirt that has been excavated at the Clark and Addison project, across from Wrigley Field. The mound is located along where the 7-Eleven and Starbucks were located, along Addison Street. You can also see where the ballpark lights were lighting up the field.

They were working along the Addison Street side, and one of the plastic sheets had been removed to along the workers access. The work lights underneath the stands help illuminate the exposed part of the interior, in this night time view.

We’ll have more photos here as the project continues, either over the weekend or early next week.