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Replica World Series Trophy Highlights Cubs’ 2017 Promotion Schedule

Lots of giveaways again this season.

Courtesy Chicago Cubs

The Cubs will be giving out replica World Series trophies early in the 2017 season as part of their promotional schedule. There will be giveaway items on 28 different dates this summer. In addition, bleacher fans will get their own giveaway on six different Fridays during the season.

The promotional schedule, as has been the case the last couple of years, says the number listed is “up to” that number of early-arriving fans. Most of these are limited to the first 10,000, and I wish the Cubs had arranged for more, as the sponsor usually pays for the item.

Here are all the promotional dates, items and the number of fans who’ll get one. Some giveaways are limited to 21-and-over, noted below. Others are for kids only, and still others only in the bleachers.

There will likely be more promos added later. The Cubs website will have updates.

April 10: Magnet schedule (30,000)
April 12: Replica championship banner (10,000)
April 14: Magnet schedule (30,000)
April 15: Replica World Series trophy (10,000)
May 5: Cubs T-shirt (5,000, bleachers only)
May 6: Cubs decals (10,000)
May 7: Cubs “Pink Out” item (5,000, bleachers only)
May 20: The Final Out bobblehead (10,000)
May 22: Relaxed Cubs cap (10,000, 21 and over)
June 3: Cubs beach towel (10,000)
June 4: Sunday kids item (5,000 kids)
June 6: Floppy hat (10,000, 21 and over)
June 7: Replica jersey (10,000)
June 8: World Series MVP bobblehead (10,000)
June 9: Cubs country cap (5,000, bleachers only)
June 10: Kids Sunday item (5,000 kids)
June 19: Cubs reusable tote bag (20,000)
June 21: Anthony Rizzo mini platinum glove (10,000)
July 4: Camo item (10,000)
July 5: “Turning Two” bobblehead (10,000)
July 7: Waist pack (5,000, bleachers only)
July 9: Sunday kids item (5,000 kids)
July 21: Cubs sunglasses (5,000, bleachers only)
July 23: Sunday kids item (5,000 kids)
August 1: Cubs ice mold (10,000, 21 and over)
August 2: Cubs fedora (10,000, 21 and over)
August 6: Sunday kids item (5,000 kids)
August 14: Fergie Jenkins retired #31 flag (10,000)
August 17: “Starting Aces” bobblehead (10,000)
August 18: Cubs tank top (5,000, bleachers only)
August 20: Sunday kids item (5,000 kids)
September 1: Cubs printed bill cap (5,000, bleachers only)
September 9: Athletic cap (10,000)
September 30: Knit beanie (10,000, 21 and over)