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Cubs Top 10 Prospects Listed By Baseball Prospectus

If you wanted another opinion on the Cubs prospects, here’s one to check out.

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Baseball Prospectus is going through their top ten prospect lists for every team in the majors and this week they announced their top Cubs prospects. You can read the list yourself as it looks like the list is available for everyone to read. In it, you will see some familiar names although in a different order than you saw around here.

Baseball Prospectus’ list is:

  1. OF Eloy Jimenez
  2. 2B/OF Ian Happ
  3. OF Albert Almora
  4. RHP Trevor Clifton
  5. 3B Jeimer Candelario
  6. RHP Jose Albertos
  7. RHP Dylan Cease
  8. OF Eddy Martinez
  9. RHP Oscar De La Cruz
  10. RHP Thomas Hatch
  11. OF Mark Zagunis

One thing that I don’t like about Baseball Prospectus’ approach is that they tend to focus on the negative more than the positive. However, and in fairness, they could correctly respond that more things go wrong with prospects than go right. After all, this is the site that invented the acronym TINSTAAPP—”There is no such thing as a pitching prospect.” Maybe they are more negative than me. Maybe they’re more correct as well.

So Clifton ranks highly in their rankings because he’s a high-floor guy. Candelario comes in fifth because he’s major-league ready, even if he doesn’t have a job anywhere on the North Side. Cease ranks lower than you may have seen elsewhere because he’s already had one Tommy John surgery. They do seem to love Jose Albertos though.

It’s another good list and you should check it out to get another opinion on the Cubs prospects. They also give an opinion on everyone’s fantasy baseball value, which is nice if you play.

More lists will be coming out in the next few weeks as releases Keith Law’s rankings over the next couple of weeks. I’ll do more articles when Law releases his organizational rankings, his top 100 and his Cubs list. The MLB Pipeline top 100 list is due out soon as well.