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Wrigley Field Construction Update: January 21-22

The plaza building now has a video board.

BCB’s Mike Bojanowski visited Wrigley Field a couple of times over the weekend. The photos with bright sunshine were taken Saturday, the ones with cloudy skies on Sunday. Here’s the rest of his report:

The news this week is the assembly of the plaza video board. It was up as of Saturday afternoon. The rest of the work goes on, mostly under wraps. Saturday's weather was spectacular, one of those May-in-midwinter days with which nature taunts us on occasion. I'd kill for that weather come Opening Day. Or, maybe just commit a misdemeanor.

Besides the video board — and I’d guess we’ll see images on it soon — the biggest changes you see in this latest photoset is the progress on the Hotel Zachary project across Clark Street from Wrigley, a building that’s going up quite quickly.

As of today it’s exactly 11 weeks — 77 days — until we’ll see the Cubs and Dodgers meet for the home opener April 10. If Chicago continues to get mild winter weather, there should be no problems having everything ready at the ballpark.