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Please Welcome A Binding Nurse To The 2017 Cubs (Fun With Anagrams)

A different look at the names on the Cubs’ 40-man roster.

Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

As we await spring training, which starts with pitchers and catchers reporting in just a couple of weeks, let’s get to know the 40-man roster... with their names scrambled in anagrams.

There are a fair number of new names since last year’s anagram post, and I’ve tried to use different ones for the returning players. As always, I've used the Internet Anagram Server to create these Cubs roster anagrams for all the players on the 40-man roster, except for two: one created by a commenter in last year’s post, and another I made up myself because the Anagram Server threw up its electronic hands and didn’t give me any for that particular player. You might recognize a couple of returning anagrams from last year — that’s because there just aren’t very many for some players.

Now it’s time for you to determine which Cubs player matches each of these anagrams. I've added some punctuation in some of them to make them funnier, and mixed them up by putting them in alphabetical order by anagram. I've pretty much given away the player anagrammed in the headline to this post by the photo. See if you can figure out the others.

A Binding Nurse
A Dad’s View
A Mallet, Mostly
A Zebra Jive
Ban Acne Man John
Bartenders? Not!
Bleach Mist
Clean Nostril Rows
Enjoy Chalk
Ethical Cash Jerk
Flaxen Pie
Fly, Oral Don
Gimme Monkey Rot
Gourmet Lime? No!
Ha! Ban Ace Junk
Hi, Aura Joke
Hi Tony! No Razz.
I Mint Mr. Jugs
I Retake A Jar
Invalid Lords
J.R. Scrawled. Rad!
J.Y. Joan
Jet Loners
John Was Ready
Judo Reward Undone
Ladies Sold Runs
Mr. Area Ballot, Jr.
Medical Ear Joiner
Narcotic Trivia
No Oar. Ask Bro.
No Son, Rich Jeep
Oo! Rosie Jar, S.A.
Prop Rod Set
Record, Hon? Not!
Ribbon Zest
Shy, Inked Clerk
Try Bra Inks
Try Snazzy, Bro!
TMZ Star Cuz
Wars By Clerk? Eh.