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You Can Own A Wrigley Field Seat

... but it won’t be cheap.

Sue Skowronski

Late Monday, the Cubs announced that some seats that were removed from Wrigley Field both last offseason and this offseason would be made available for sale.

The seats are only available as two-seat sets. Each seat set purchased will include a certificate of authenticity and a hologram on the seat back signifying its authentication by Major League Baseball. The seats were removed from several sections including the Terrace Reserved, Terrace Box and Field Box, and feature two ballpark riser-mounted seats attached to metal “L” shaped brackets.

In a press release, the Cubs noted the costs:

Seat sets removed in the 2015 offseason cost $799, and a smaller quantity of seat sets removed in the 2016 offseason cost $899. Shipping will cost $132.99 per seat set in the continental United States. Pick-up is unavailable.

I get why the more recent seats are more expensive — first, the Cubs say there aren’t as many, and second, you get to say that someone sat in that seat during the World Series.

A number of years ago, there used to be a retail store not far from Wrigley Field that would acquire similar seats removed from the ballpark and sell them. I never did buy one, but my recollection is that the cost was somewhere in the $100 - $150 range.

“The Stadium Seat Store” still has a functioning website and appears to have some older Wrigley seats for sale. The price range given now is similar to what the Cubs are asking, so these prices look like they are what the market will bear.

Season-ticket holders are being offered these seats first, in a sale that began Monday afternoon and ends Thursday night. With some caveats and restrictions, if you are a season-ticket holder and your specific seat was removed, you might be able to buy it. Whatever remains after that sale will be offered to the general public beginning Friday, February 3.

More details on all this are available here.