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Kris Bryant Got Married: The Bachelor Market In Chicago Lost Some Sparkles

The Cubs’ third baseman collected another ring.

Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Well, ladies -- we knew this day would come. The bachelor market in Chicago is a little bit duller now as our very own Kris Bryant tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Jessica Delp. As you may imagine after a gorgeous Wrigley Field engagement shoot, the wedding pictures were stunning:

A few of our favorite players were in Vegas to celebrate with the bride and groom. I picked a few off of Twitter and Instagram to share. First up: Anthony Rizzo and his crew, enjoying Vegas:

They were joined by the Lackeys:

and Jason Heyward and his girlfriend:

Congrats to the Bryant's on getting hitched! Thank you for having us! ❤

A photo posted by Jason Heyward (@jheylove22) on

NBC Chicago has a few more pictures and well-wishes from the Almoras, the Grimms, the Monteros, and all of our future favorite Cardinals: the Fowlers.

As sad as this may make the single female population in Chicago (at least the half that roots for the Cubbies) I have to offer the most sincere congrats to Jessica and Kris. They’ve been a couple since high school and in addition to Kris’ highlight reel performance on the field, they’ve brought us some highlight reel cute moments, like the adorable duet from Frozen below:

We’ll be lucky to see a lot more from this amazing couple in the next few years. While I know you all don’t need a reminder of our MVP’s performance on the field, you might not be aware of Jessica’s extensive work with the Cubs’ wives on various charities and events.

Congratulations to Kris and Jessica from Bleed Cubbie Blue. We hope you enjoy what must be the most magical off-season ever.