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Cubs NLDS Game 4 lineup: Jon Jay leads off again

Jason Heyward sits today.

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In Game 4, Joe Maddon is going with most of the guys who won Game 3 for him:

The biggest surprise here is the absence of Jason Heyward. However, Heyward is 0-for-18 in his career against Nats starter Tanner Roark, and you know how Joe likes to play matchups.

Thus Ben Zobrist gets the start in right field, which is clearly not optimal defensivemy. On the other hand, Zobrist did make a nice defensive play at second base Monday and got a key hit breaking up Max Scherzer’s no-hitter, so maybe it'll work out. In any case, I'm sure we will see Heyward substituted for defense late in the game.

At this writing there is still no rain in the Chicago area, and given that most of Monday's game in Boston was played through a fairly steady rain, you can be almost certain MLB will do everything they can to get today's game in and not postpone it.