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Cubs NLDS Game 4 lineup: Jason Heyward in, Kyle Schwarber out vs. Stephen Strasburg

The Nats have changed starters, so the Cubs tweaked their lineup.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know what caused the Nationals to change from Tanner Roark to Stephen Strasburg as the starter for today's game, but that has caused a change in the Cubs lineup:

It's not yet clear whether this is a straight lineup swap, with Jason Heyward batting sixth where Kyle Schwarber was, but I think that's a reasonable assumption. Ben Zobrist moves over to play left field. This is clearly a better defensive alignment for the Cubs, and I'd further assume that Albert Almora Jr. will eventually be in this game for defense as well.

Right now it's just cloudy and very windy at Wrigley Field, with strong winds blowing in. That should make this a good day for pitchers.

I'll have the usual complete game preview at 1 p.m. Central time, with full pitcher info and lineups. Hoping Dusty Baker doesn't change his mind again about his Game 4 starter.

#LetsGo #FlytheW