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The ‘Respect Rizzo’ T-Shirt, for Cubs fans and opposing managers alike

It holds true in October more than ever.

It holds true in October more than ever.

It was the deciding moment of NLDS Game 3. Tied at 1 with two outs in the bottom of the eighth, the go-ahead run on second and first base open, Anthony Rizzo stepped to the plate.

Did the Nats walk him to get to Willson Contreras? No, they brought in lefty specialist Oliver Perez to pitch to Rizzo. Good for Chicago, because Rizzo flipped the first offering he saw into shallow left-centerfield, and the game was won.

It was then, with Wrigley at full roar, that Rizzo came off the field and did this:


And so it is. Our friends at BreakingT worked with us to celebrate the moment, making this "Respect Rizzo" shirt that doubles as a fashion statement for Cubs fans and words of wisdom for opposing managers.

Buy it now on BreakingT to get yours and to also support Bleed Cubbie Blue. You can feel good about the shirt being made in America., too.

They come in sizes ranging from small to 3XL. Small through XL are $24, a 2XL is $25 and a 3XL is $26.

And please remember, respect Rizzo.