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MLB Playoffs 2017: Cubs name Jose Quintana to start NLCS Game 1

The Cubs acquired the lefthander for occasions just like this.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Quintana last started Monday’s Game 3 of the division series against the Nationals. That would have put him on “normal” rest to start Game 1 Saturday night against the Dodgers — except that was interrupted by a 12-pitch relief outing in Game 5 Thursday, just two days ago.

The 12 pitches weren’t enough to prevent Joe Maddon from naming him to start NLCS Game 1:

There’s been no official word from the team or from any of the Cubs beat writers on this decision, but it seems logical. Quintana’s 12-pitch outing came on what would normally be a between-starts “throw day,” and it didn’t last long enough to take away from him being sharp for tonight. He threw 96 pitches in a solid outing against the Nationals.

John Lackey, who didn’t throw at all in the division series, presumably is available to back up Quintana if anything bad happens.

When the Cubs announce the full NLCS 25-man roster I’ll have another post with that information.